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Too much focus on entertainment in churches - Rev Eastwood Anaba
Too much focus on entertainment in churches - Rev Eastwood Anaba

VIDEO: What Rev Eastwood Anaba said about the excessive focus on entertainment in churches

A video has surfaced online featuring Reverend Eastwood Anaba expressing concern about the prevalent focus on entertainment in churches.


The Founder of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries lamented the excessive emphasis on entertainment at the expense of the core purpose of the church, which is listening to the word of God.

In the video, Reverend Anaba remarked, “When you go to these our churches, sometimes I just imagine. If there is no drum, there is no organist, there is no guitarist, and you take away all the music and the entertainment, many of our churches will die. I mean, you remove that, it will be like the oxygen support has been removed, and that is because the entertainment in our churches, sometimes, I think is too much."

He criticized the trend where a pastor is invited to speak at a convention, and instead of focusing on the message, there is an excess of “one song after the other, one dance after the other, choreography, and somersaulting.”

Reverend Anaba drew a comparison with other places like kiosks, mosques, lorry stations, and chop bars, emphasizing that each of these places serves a specific purpose and wouldn't trade that for anything else.

He pointed out that while there is nothing wrong with entertainment, the purpose of the church is not entertainment. He stressed the need for a shift in the church's operations, emphasizing healing and salvation over mere entertainment.

Reverend Anaba questioned the priorities of pastors, noting that many focus on providing entertainment, delivering nice sermons, and collecting offerings. He called for a change in the church's approach to centre more on healing and salvation.

The exact date of the recording is unclear, but it is expected that the video will spark a debate and possibly bring about changes in the church's modus operandi. Some argue that music and entertainment have unique psychological and spiritual healing effects that cannot be overlooked.

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