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Ote Falls: A Boost for the Amedzofe Experience
The waterfall Amedzofe

Ote Falls: A Boost for the Amedzofe Experience

 I am referring to the canopy walkway. Ote Waterfall has always been there, accessible only to the few who could brave the forested ascent and descent that led to it. But before I get to it let me dwell a moment on the town that houses this gift of nature. 


Even as you approach the final destination, the gorgeous Gemi Mountain beckons to you as you meander the hills and the curves. While at it, do not be surprised when some wildlife crosses your part to say hello. 

Located north of Ho and South of Hohoe, Amedzofe is that little hilly town that always amazes you when you visit. How to get there? You can reach Amedzofe from Ho by a local taxi in less than an hour.

 Cool, quiet and laid-back, this destination holds enough history for 10 towns! On account of the early settlement by Germans, the town boasts a litany of heritage landscapes. A cemetery for the Europeans who lived in the town over a hundred years ago is open for visitors to tour.

On the other side of town is Mt Gemi which has also given Amedzofe its fame. A hike towards the hill is always recommended as you walk through gardens and quaint communities. If one can climb to the zenith, there is no better exercise, especially in the morning or late afternoon. 

Very conspicuous at the top of the mountain is a 12-foot metal cross. It is famed to have been installed by the German missionaries. It is also considered by some to be a telecommunication device of a sort. 

The peak at Mt Gemi welcomes you to a spectacular bird’s eye view of neighbouring as well as far-off towns. Parts of the Afram Plains along the Volta River can also be seen. If you happen to be there at sunrise or sunset, that is always breathtaking.

Now to Ote waterfall, one of the newest tourist attractions in Ghana. The waterfall is towards the eastern section of Amedzofe and is about 2 kilometers from the town centre. It is certainly not your Wli but at 80 meters tall, this waterfall oozes some grandeur and majesty.

Two things strike me, the adequate information displayed and the readiness of the well-trained tour guides to help. I must say that achieving the walkway takes more than energy. One must muster physical courage. The walk towards the walkway itself involves clearing 259 steps through a lush, pristine. Interestingly, one is shielded from the sky in most parts by the bough of giant trees.


Again, on this route, wildlife is on display from different species of birds, reptiles and butterflies. While being there during the dry season eases your movement, the best time to enjoy Ote Falls in all its glory is during the rains. Between May and November, the water level is high and the splash is sheer splendid.

Watching Ote Waterfalls cascade is therapy.  The sound and rhythm of the waterfall are such a thrill. Tourists feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. The coolness and cleanliness of the natural environment of the site is ideal for picnics.  For families and groups looking for a relaxing day out, the green landscape surrounding the waterfall also provides good areas for sitting and recreational activities.

Beyond the allure of nature, Ote Falls is also culturally significant to the natives of the area. It is a sacred location. Local myths indicate that the fall is haunted by ancient ghosts, and naturally, rituals and ceremonies are held there once in a while. 

Visiting Ote Falls in Amedzofe is a memorable experience.  One gets the chance to immerse in nature and culture. For adventure lovers, the new addition is a huge bonus. With camping facilities, one is sure to spend more quality time in nature. The late night to dawn hours provide some of the fantastic spectacles of the wild.

As one of the newest canopy walkways in Ghana, this attraction and the accompanying waterfall provides great potential even beyond our eastern border. Its design to provide adventure and enjoyment for families and friends has been effective. With the little I have seen, the maintenance and customer service are good so far.

So what are you waiting for to visit Ghana’s highest human habitation where the locals are warm and welcoming to visitors?

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