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Release load-shedding timetable

Release load-shedding timetable

I am writing to express my confusion and frustration regarding the current load-shedding situation in our country.


I am struggling to understand the strategy behind withholding a load-shedding timetable from the citizens, especially if it is expected to last for an extended period of three months.

The impact of unpredictable power outages on our daily lives is significant. For instance, I may find myself without electricity in the morning, causing disruptions to my morning routine and affecting my productivity at work, where I may also face power cuts.

The same goes for children who are currently on vacation and are subjected to the heat without the benefit of fans or air conditioning. I find it disrespectful that the government is not acknowledging the current dumsor situation, despite the evidence pointing to the contrary.

While I appreciate the efforts made in the past seven years to ensure a stable power supply, it is clear that something is amiss, and we, the citizens, are feeling the effects.

Furthermore, I am concerned about the impact of this situation on the government's ability to "break the eight" and maintain its grip on power. With the Vice President and flag bearer of the NPP, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, at the helm, the government must take swift action to address this issue and regain the trust of the citizens.

I urge the government to speak to the nation, provide a load-shedding timetable and take immediate steps to rectify the situation. The current state of affairs is not only frustrating but painful, and the government must take action to alleviate the burden on its citizens.

Kwesi, Accra. 

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