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Make auto rickshaws safe on our roads

Auto rickshaws have gradually become a popular alternative means of public transport in the southern and northern parts of the country.


And despite their drivers’ general blatant disregard for road safety and traffic regulations, the economic, environmental and social impact of this means of transportation cannot be disregarded.

Since it was introduced in the northern part of Ghana in 2015, it has created jobs for the teeming youth under the youth empowerment programme through the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre(MASLOC).

With the acceptance of auto rickshaws, my concern is that passengers stand a chance of sustaining repetitive injuries. l am even more afraid for the drivers.

The design of auto rickshaws, with no doors and seat belts for drivers and passengers,  increases the risk of injury from the possibility of falling out of the vehicle.

This has happened so many times. I understand that that mode of transportation has contributed to the transformation of many economies and auto rickshaw operation was embraced to provide jobs, but there is still more to do to make it safe on our roads.

Stanlis Annie Offeogbu,

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