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Can your life be full of abundance?

When you realise to your core of being that there is only love, you start to live life knowing that there is nothing that can harm you nor can anyone harm you.


You will also not consider harming anyone with your words or deeds.

We have all been gifted with invisible powers and they create our reality. They are the power of thought, imagination, and intention. 

We create or mis-create with these gifts and we also re-create our reality if we find we don’t like what we’ve created. 

Thoughts are substance, energy and things, and we can form whatever we want out of the invisible realms through our imagination. 

When we align ourselves with our creative source on a daily basis, we will align with our divine good and our desires will be objectified, seen as our new reality.

Loving yourself profusely means you will not allow anything or anyone to be treated unkindly or seen as above you in any way. Everyone is a part of the whole of God. 

Trusting in God first, loving God above all else will bring more gifts added unto you. Don’t ever be afraid to speak the truth from your heart.

When you give up unforgiving thoughts about someone or some situation, then you allow yourself to be released from the mental prison you had placed yourself in and the key to opening your imprisoned state of mind will show itself to you miraculously. This heals you.

Giving thanks and being filled with gratitude each day and night will allow you to see and receive beautiful gifts from the universe. Being ungrateful will cause the opposite to happen for you – things will be taken away from you through accidents, thefts, sickness, illness or disease and poverty.

That vibrational energy pushes away from you exactly what you say you want and brings more of what you do not want into your reality. You will be attracting more of what you declare you are ungrateful for.

 If you believe you are in poverty, nothing can place you into the realm of substance or abundance until you release the belief that being in poverty is true or “I cannot escape it.” 

You will have to accept another thought and believe wholeheartedly that you are in the realm or space of abundance.

Sit in the realm of abundance and believe you are that which you desire to be. Imagine you dwell in abundant consciousness and then your reality will match your thoughts, feelings and belief.

 If you are ill and you desire to be well, free of disease and sickness, you cannot believe that you are ill and expect to experience health and wellness. 

Your subconscious mind only manifests to you exactly what you believe to be true about your experience or reality.




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