Insuah Sherif wins hair colouring competition

BY: Blessing Aglago

The Ghana Association of Barbers and Barbering Salon Owners (GABBSO), have organised a colouring competition in Accra.
The initiative by the association is to exhibit their skills and to keep them up to speed with current trends in the industry.

The competition, which was on the theme “Creating with colours, the trend in the hair industry” was attended by members of GABBSO and some aspiring barbers and hair stylists.

The founder of GABBSO, Mr Mathew Olah, said the move is to encourage the public to try the latest trends in hair colouring.
According to him, the blends of colour have become an essential part of the industry.

“The trend of colour combination especially in haircuts of both genders is making waves on the market is, therefore, necessary to train members on how to go about it professionally,” he added.

Members of the association were also sensitised on colour combination and the kind of colour to use to achieve the desired effect.

Mr Mathew Ola said the association will partner with Bling to import 52 colours to help facilitate their work.
He encouraged non-members to join the association.


"There are so many benefits of joining GABBSO, it has really impacted positively in our lives and I urge non-members to join,” he added.
In all, the competition took 45 minutes with nine contestants and also served as an avenue for the various barbers present to learn something new.

The winner of the competition Insuah Sherif went home with a flat screen television, hair products from Bling and a hair clipper.
The first runner up went home with a towel warmer, hair products from Bling and a hair clipper.

The second runner up also received some hair products form Bling and a hair clipper.
All contestants were presented with certificates of participation, a blade design that symbolises the profession and a hair clipper.

According to the founder, GABBSO was formed in the year 1992 when there was a rise in HIV and other communicable diseases in Ghana
People attributed the spread to barbers because of the hair equipment they use in trimming hair.

The association was formed then to educate barbers about the transmissions of the disease through infected objects, hence their slogan “One man, one blade, decent look and protection,” he added.