‘Participate in sports to build confidence’

BY: Junior Graphic
Some of the children playing oware, a traditional game, during the school’s sports day.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Cherryfield Montessori school, Ms Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu, has encouraged schoolchildren to participate in sporting events because it helps to build their confidence and also teaches them how to accept defeat.

“Sports is not only about winning a game since one may win or lose but the beauty of the game lies in one’s reaction to victory or defeat to show sportsmanship”, she explained.

Ms Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu made the observation during the school’s annual sports day held recently.

She indicated that aside from the school providing holistic education to students, they also engage in co-curriculum activities such as sports to promote healthy competition among students.

“That is why we decided to take a break from our academic activities to have fun because sports is very good for every human being”, she added.

A staff of the school, Mr Benjamin Koomson said sports does not only help the schoolchildren develop physically and mentally, they also unearth their talents.

The children played cards, ludo, oware, football among other activities