Auntie Betty: I’m in love with my senior

BY: Junior Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,  I am a young girl who has fallen madly in love with my senior. I am trying my best to get him out of my mind but I can’t. I know I have to because I am in school to study and not to fall in love.

I am also thinking of the consequences this might have on me concerning my academics because I have a reputation as

the undefeated girl and an A+ student. I want to play it very safe but I find him very attractive and cannot get him out of my mind. What should I do?

Worried Girl,



Dear Worried Girl, I think you have the answers already you are in school to study and not to fall in love. Your concern about the consequences of engaging in a boy-girl relationship at this stage of your life is also valid.

As I have said countless times in this column, it is normal for teenagers to get attracted to the opposite sex, but you are not mature enough to engage in a boy-girl relationship now. The consequences as you already know could be dire.

The teenage years can be one of the amazing years of your life and at the same time confusing. For all you know, it is just an infatuation or a crush on this guy and not real love as you are thinking. Do not worry. It is a normal phase of development.

You are still young and figuring out who you are and what you want. So do not overly dwell on this. As a teenager, you will experience an overflow of emotions, physical and mental sensations. You will meet a number of boys as you grow up. So you need to be careful, manage your feelings and not mistake infatuation for love.