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They Say I'm Pretty

Dear Auntie Betty,
I am 13 years and in JHS One.  My friends say I am pretty but I ignore those comments. My problem now is that boys are worrying me, both in school and in my neighbourhood.
Some of them offer me things that I have not asked for.
A boy advised me to accept their gifts and disgrace them in public when they approach me.  Should I listen to his advice?
Akim Oda.
Dear JQ,
It is good to seek advice when you are not sure what to do, but I suggest you speak with adults you are close to and trust.
Both boys and girls may find you pretty and that, obviously, will make you happy. The important thing, however, is to be able to lead your life as a child and not let your beauty cause you grief in the long run.
My dear JQ, it feels good to receive such compliments from your friends and, above all, boys. You are still a child and have just become a teenager. So ignore all those boys and do what is right for yourself by determining not to give in to any of them, no matter how they look at or treat you.
And remember never to accept gifts from anyone, particularly boys or men.  They surely will look for something you cannot provide for them in return.  Do not be rude to anyone.
The question you should ask yourself is: If you accept their gifts, will you have the courage to ignore them? No! So just avoid such boys.