Dhaka building collapse: "Woman found alive" in rubble

BY: Arku Jasmine

Bangladesh's army has confirmed to the BBC a woman has been found alive in the remains of a building that collapsed in a suburb of Dhaka 17 days ago.

The Daily Star newspaper said the woman, named Reshma, was trapped in the basement of the eight-storey building.

She did not have significant injuries and had been given food and water by rescuers, it added.

Earlier, the army announced that more than 1,000 people were now known to have died in the disaster.

The death toll is expected to keep climbing, as work crews using heavy machinery have begun removing rubble from some of the most heavily-damaged sections.

But the operation stopped after the woman's cries were heard on Friday. TV pictures showed rescuers gathered near where she was found.

"She has been located in a gap between a beam and a column," the head of Bangladesh's fire service, Ahmed Ali, told the AFP news agency.

"She may have reserves of water or have drunk some of the water that we've pumped into the building," he added.

Source: BBC