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Sat, Dec

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) will tomorrow hold its novelty presidential and parliamentary primaries across the country. The party is using tomorrow’s national exercise to elect both its presidential and 275 parliamentary candidates to contest next year’s elections.

The Daily Graphic wishes the NDC fruitful deliberations and best of luck in this all-important national exercise. So far, the process leading to the primaries have generally been peaceful, though there have been a few regrettable incidents which could have been avoided.

Already, primaries cannot be held in Chiana Paga and Nkwanta South, as the party is trying to resolve outstanding issues there. We hope these issues are resolved timeously, so that those constituencies can have their turn at the primaries.

Have you heard about the man who was supposed to be signing at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service?” my daughter, K, asked when she picked me up at the airport the other day.

I’ve always been fascinated by words, but more than that, by their sounds and their meanings.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a word journal, inside of which I write words—those I’ve just learned, and those that, for some reason, I just like.

Last year, I went to a restaurant in Los Angeles with a friend of mine.  I ordered a salad.  As I was stabbing into the last few leaves with my fork, I realised that there was writing at the bottom of the bowl.  Anxious to learn when it said, I whisked aside the remaining cucumbers and tomatoes to read the message.  It was a question, actually:  “What are you grateful for?”

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