‘Man on man’ sex inflicted virus is no monkey business

BY: K. N. Adomako-Acheampong
Monkey pox
Monkey pox

Any practice which sins against the laws of nature has its health repercussions. It is widely known that involuntary ingestion of human excreta may cause jaundice, thanks to medical science.

Nature in its infinite wisdom has modelled the human body with a designated function for every part of the human body. It will be needless to tutor readers which part of the body discharges human excreta and which part is for conjugation and subsequent procreation.

These things are not taught in the classroom; it is basic to every human being and comes to him or her naturally.

Why do we think altering the basic natural function of using the anus, meant for discharging human excreta, as an aperture for sex is a mark of civilisation, and rather condemn countries who shun such obnoxious practice as xenophobic?

We are now in an era where what used to be abnormal is now normal and the normal behaviour derided as xenophobic.


At the just ended commonwealth games at Birmingham, U.K., an athlete who described himself as a gay athlete, had the effrontery to tell the world on television that countries who abhor Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexuals Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) practice should be banned from hosting the commonwealth games. Can you imagine that? Now sanity has become insane and insanity has become sane.

The upsurge of this new normal has triggered the wrath of nature. In its wake came HIV/AIDS. When the Aids pandemic broke out in the early 90s, medical science was honest to tell the world the causative source of that ailment as homosexual practice.

The professional advice that was to go with it, admonishing the world to refrain from such hitherto unnatural practice was completely silent, or was muted (who knows) by the giant pharmaceutical companies that stand to gain anytime the world was in health peril.

LGBTQI practice is now a glorified act to the extent that “conservative” countries that observe the natural laws of nature now stand to be ostracised by the “civilised” world.

Now in comes another pandemic. Again, our scientific guardians have attributed it to ‘man – man’ sex! But see the nomenclature given to this human “misindulgent” inflicted virus: Monkey Virus!

Why Monkey Virus..., when even the monkey, which is a lesser specie compared to human beings, engages in clean sex! Again after the medical world has traced the cause to same sex, the admonishment, which should tell people in no uncertain terms to abstain from such disgusting practices, has again been muted.

The rather half-hearted advice that followed was for such men to limit their sexual partners instead of condemning it absolutely.

Where is the world heading to?

I was very disappointed when I heard on television that a once ultra conservative society like Singapore was contemplating abolishing their existing laws banning LGBTQI practice (which they now term colonial laws) and replacing them with “modern” ones, which allows LGBTQI practice.

Scientific truth

Unfortunately, for humankind, nobody not even the scientific community is prepared to stand up to defend the scientific truth.

The medical world knows very well the health hazard associated with lesbian or homosexual practice as they have made us to know.

Why can’t anybody lead a crusade that would lead to a worldwide condemnation of this LGBTQI practice and its eventual abolition? Rather the crusade of promoting LGBTQI has now become more vociferous than ever.

I felt very sad before my television screen when I saw and heard the 2022 Beauty Queen of Bhutan, an ultra-conservative Asian country, say she was going to use her reign to promote LGBTQI advocacy in a country that abhors such practice.

The world has not been able to contain HIV/AIDS, which LGBTQI practice brought upon the world. Now another deadly virus has emerged from the same malpractice, Monkey Virus.

Like the African Swine Flu, which never emerged from Africa, Monkeys would have protested loudly if they had mouths.

Yesterday came the HIV/AIDS pandemic, now we have Monkey Pox; who knows what would come next? Why do we continue to look on helplessly and encourage a practice which one day will drive humanity to extinction?

The world needs to wake up to forestall a looming catastrophe.

The writer is a lawyer. E-mail: Adomakoacheampong55 @gmail.com