The late Daniel Oppong Yeboah
The late Daniel Oppong Yeboah

Graphic mourns Daniel Oppong Yeboah

Lord, let me know mine end, and the number of my days; that I may be certified how long I may live. (Psalm 39:5)


A man's death makes everything certain about him of course, secrets may die with him. And of course, a hundred years later somebody looking through some papers may discover a fact which throws a totally different light on his life and of which all the people who attended his funeral were ignorant. Death changes the facts qualitatively but not quantitatively. "

Yeboah, as he was affectionately called, was offered a fixed-term contract as a Refrigeration Assistant of the Engineering Unit on August 1, 2005, and by dint of hard work, he was confirmed as an Electrical Assistant in 2009. 

Yeboah held a National Vocational Training Institute (Electrical Grading 2) and Electrical Engineering Technician 1 Certificate. 

He was a lover of all. Some called him Chief Kote Kote, Korkorzim, Herkelemor, Tema cashier, Herpetos, Omoye, who be you, Hezikizo, Atikumole, Ice cream, etc.

He believed in his capacity to do whatever he intended to. He was a man of few words and always spoke his mind without fear or favour. 


Yeboah did not hide his feelings. He was frank with humility. He was smart. When assigned any duty, he would ask you how you wanted it done, and with his creativity, delivered to perfection.

Due to Yeboah's involvement with the wiring installation of the Graphic Press House Building, which houses the KBA Comet Press, he was indispensable in the printing operations of newspapers.

Yeboah, though with electrical background learnt a lot of air-conditioning maintenance under the tutelage of a former Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Head, the late Mr. Asante. 

Yeboah could single- handedly carry an A.C outdoor unit and the long wielding gas cylinder from the ground floor to the third floor of the three-storey of the Graphic Administration building.


Yeboah loved beautiful things. He was fun to be with. He was a lover of current affairs and documentaries. He was a great historian when it came to Pan African history of African leaders, their achievements and challenges.

He was selfless and a good talkative, who believed in freedom and justice. 

Yeboah vehemently ascribed to the Mosaic Law; a tooth for a tooth. He abhorred injustice and wickedness.

He was an honest person who disliked cheating and respected boundaries set by him and others. He was humble, respectful, genuine and considerate.


When our company was faced with several newly bought extension boards, which did not last as expected, one of his senior colleagues came out with a design of a new model, and he was the one who mostly built them, saving the company some money.

Yeboah further built several extension boards privately for some staff members to use at their homes for free. Staff members only paid for the materials to be used for the extension boards, which he bought from Accra Central.

During the recent digitalisation of the company’s archives, all the numerous extension boards needed for the project were built in-house, Yeboah played a major role.

Oh Yeboah, death has laid its icy hands on you unexpectedly and painfully. It has not been easy for you and us. In the race of life, no one can predict its end. 

As the Sun rises and the night passes, time will slowly wash away the pain of your departure. However, Nana Yaw, your fond memories will continue to live on in our minds and hearts, 

Nana Yaw Oppong Yeboah, fare thee well. Nana Yaw, may your gentle soul rest in peace.


Nana Yaw Oppong Yeboah, nante yie.

Daniel Nana Yaw Oppong Yeboah, da yie.

Nyame nfa wokra nsie yie.

By Graphic Communications Group Limited

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