Animal farm experience in Ghana
Animal farm experience in Ghana

Animal farm experience in Ghana

The reality of a power-hungry elite exploiting the masses, where a small group of individuals with significant political power and influence use their positions to exploit and manipulate the general population for their benefit, has seemingly crept into Ghanaian politics.


Politicians, government officials and affluent people put their interests, power-building and wealth accumulation ahead of the needs and welfare of the general populace. 

They use a variety of strategies to hold on to their positions of authority, including enacting laws that serve their interests, participating in corruption, stifling criticism, and restricting democratic procedures and accountability. The elite control resources, industries and financial institutions to their advantage while maintaining the majority in a state of poverty and penury. 


Fostering social harmony, democratic stability and sustainable development all depend on the promotion of inclusive and unifying policies that place a premium on discourse, respect for differences, and the defence of individual and minority rights.

It necessitates being aware of and responsive to the threats posed by divisive and ethnocentric political ideologies. 

Another major issue is the monetisation of our politics, which has widened socioeconomic gaps and eliminated candidates with limited funding to effectively participate in politics. 

It may be difficult for someone with low financial resources to participate successfully in Ghanaian politics since wealthy individuals or interest groups disproportionately impact and influence the process. 


As George Orwell illustrated and exposed in his book ‘Animal Farm’, power can corrupt individuals and revolutionary movements can devolve into authoritarianism. Ethnic and geographic factors affect our political discourse. 

Despite being vibrant, Ghana's media environment occasionally supports sensationalism and unfair reporting. The calibre and objectivity of political dialogue are compromised by media outlets with party allegiances, amplifying differences and promoting spectacular tales.

Even men and women of high political repute make irresponsible statements and because of their influence and position of authority, the impunity continues unabated. 


"Animal Farm”, a cautionary tale warns against the abuse of power. This is not a critique of oppressive regimes and political systems that betray the very ideals they claim to uphold but a caution of the degradation of our politics.

Maintaining a robust democracy requires fostering a more positive and constructive political debate. 

The risks posed by unfavourable political commentary and campaigning can be reduced by promoting respectful debate, concentrating on policy matters and holding politicians responsible for their decisions and ideas. 

The writer is a Marketing & Communication Consultant.
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