Discovery Channel brings adventure on DStv

BY: Daily Graphic
 Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is on Dominion TV
Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is on Dominion TV

If you’re a lover of real-life adventure stories, then satisfy your interest with the Discovery channel on DStv which has introduced a new survival show titled Naked and Afraid.

Naked and Afraid, which started on Wednesday, April 22, takes the survival show theme to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials.

On the show, complete strangers, usually a man and a woman, meet in a very unique way: They're stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food or water, and they're completely naked.

Each episode follows the adventurers as they attempt to survive on their own with nothing but a personal item and the knowledge that the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment. Naked and Afraid shows on Wednesdays at 6:55 p.m. on Discovery (CH 121).

Stranger Among Us: In every community, there exists a delicate balance that keeps the peace. Sometimes, all it takes to upset that balance is the addition of a single person who sets the violent wheels in motion.

Stranger Among Us tells the twisted-but-true stories of established communities and social circles turned upside down by the presence of a single newcomer, leading to murders that slowly reveal that not everyone is who they seem to be. It shows today at 6 p.m. exclusively on Discovery ID (CH 171).


High Fidelity: Rob, a record-store owner in the rapidly gentrified Crown Heights neighbourhood of Brooklyn, revisits past relationships through music and pop culture while trying to get over her one true love. Don’t miss High Fidelity on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on 1Magic (CH 103).

Evil: Skeptical psychologist Kristen Bouchard joins David Acosta, who is training to be a Catholic priest and a blue-collar contractor as they investigate the church's backlog of unexplained mysteries, including supposed miracles, demonic possessions and other extraordinary occurrences.

Their job is to assess if there's a logical explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work, examining the origins of evil along the dividing line between science and religion. Evil shows Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

Ghana Learning TV

Schools are still out but the kids need to still study, and that is where Ghana Learning TV comes to the rescue. Ghana Learning TV is a new virtual 24-hour channel rolled out by the Ghana Education Service for senior high and junior high schools.

Students can learn and enrich their knowledge in Mathematics, Core Science, English Language, Social Studies and more on the virtual learning platform available on CH 315.

Church on DStv

DStv has got you covered with the church from home guide every Sunday with a number of channels.

Join in the praise/worship and pastors’ sermons live on Dominion (CH 364), Dove (CH 349), Faith (CH 341), DayStar (CH 342), TBN Africa (CH 343), Emmanuel (CH 390), EWTN (CH 348) race Gospel (CH 332).