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VIDEO: Sarkodie disses Shatta Wale on viral song My Advice

Rapper Sarkodie has jumped to the top of the social media trends in Ghana after releasing a diss track which fires a string of salvoes at dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

The three-minute verse is laid on the instrumental of Joey B's hit song Stables which features La Meme Gang and Sarkodie puts that beat to good use on the freestyle which he titles: My Advice.

Shatta had in an interview with DJ Reuben on Kumasi based Luv 99.5 FM branded artistes Kwaw Kesse and Sarkodie as impoverished.

Shatta said: “I am talking about the problem that it is in the music industry that they know it’s a problem which they don’t want people to know, because when people know that right now Kwaw Kese is very poor, Sarkodie is poor….”

Sarkodie's verse features some unprintable jabs but the best of his radio-friendly barbs have been reproduced below; 

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"If being poor be like me, then Father I beg you just bless me with poverty," Sarkodie raps in an apparent response to Shatta Wale referring to him as poor.

He continues, "... Your whole bank account no fit buy you one tear-rubber Vogue but you claiming supremacy".

Sarkodie goes in: "Confidence is when you able to compliment people without you feeling insecure, so if you feel say you got it, no need to downplay the next man...".

"...You came from the ghetto, you made it I am proud of it. I gave you a long rope so just enjoy, I was waiting for you to snap out of it...".

"Five years in the game you are still scared. Oh God, let me just say it how it is. Brother you take the piss. This no be beef, just pay and listen, me and you cool no crazy friction but my frustration be say I dey try move Ghana forward but I am still babysitting. New money, new car, new house so you can't think far but time is running out we for raise bar...".

"Your soul is tormented cos you no dey hustle you be talented. Chale, Mercedes Benz no dey talk chaw but still relevance unprecedented. This be the time we for takeover, up till now we no fit sell-out the Madison Square, but we fighting on Range Rover...". 

"Attention-seeking is not bad but too much of it is chronic disease".

Sarkodie adds that if social media trends makes people relevant, no one would have loved to feature R2Bees crooner Muggeez.

Watch the video of the song below;

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