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Train your voice, don't just rely on weed for confidence- Nana Fynn advises artistes
Nana Fynn now known as 2 Lock

Train your voice, don't just rely on weed for confidence- Nana Fynn advises artistes

Highlife artiste 2Lock, formerly Nana Fynn has debunked the myth that certain drugs, specifically weed, can enhance vocal quality.


In a recent interview on Accra FM recently, he emphasized that vocal training is the key to improving one's voice, dismissing claims that weed has any positive effects on vocal performance. 

2Lock bluntly stated that anyone who argues otherwise is speaking 'utter foolishness'. He encouraged fellow artistes to focus on honing their craft through dedication and hard work, rather than relying on substances.

 “If you don’t train your voice, you can consume a sack of weed everyday but still fail at singing,” he said.

Although 2Lock dismissed the idea that drugs improve vocal quality, he acknowledged that some individuals might use substances to boost their confidence, which is essential for singing. He noted that certain foods, like bananas, can help clear the throat of phlegm and reduce vocal cracks. 

Addressing another common perception, 2Lock clarified that drinking chilled water is not harmful, but advised against singing or speaking for 30 minutes to an hour after consumption to avoid vocal strain. 

He also shared his insight that the human voice, unlike the skin, tends to improve with age.

 “I’ll say the voice gets even better with age. Unless you stop using the vocal chords or you stop singing.”

He said, “there’s a connection between your ear and your throat,” and this must be further connected to one’s brain, “else your singing will be messy because you cannot accurately express what you have in your mind”.



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