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My 'weird' fashion style is fetching me money -Osebo the Zaraman
Odsebo says his unique fashion sense is fetching him money

My 'weird' fashion style is fetching me money -Osebo the Zaraman

Until his fashion beef with Ajagurajah, Osebo the Zaraman was probably not a favourite of many people particularly for his fashion style.


The owner of Zara 247 boutique in North Kaneshie’s fame increased for his perceived weird way of dressing and he is mostly trolled on social media streets for that.

However, for those who take delight in attacking Osebo for his weirdo style, he claims it is a money making machine for him.

 “I get the attention I need anytime I am being attacked. I call it free publicity. How else would I have been noticed if I were not dressing this way? If I am to pay for airtime on TV or radio, do you know how much that would have cost me?

“Many people know me now and I take that advantage to sell my stuff in my boutique. People should keep insulting me because the more they insult me, the more money I make.

  “At the moment, I have clients coming from China, USA to Ghana to purchase my things. I also do a lot of shipping outside because of my fame. I like it when I trend because it helps my business to thrive and I make more money,” he said.                    


  According to Osebo, he is not going to stop his way of dressing anytime soon especially now that he has gotten the attention he needs and cashing in on it.                                    

  “I have always been a fashionista. For close to 30 years, I have been doing this but never got noticed because I was not active on social media. Thanks to social media, I have huge attention now and I don’t take it for granted.

“Some people think I just woke up one day and started dressing this way. I have been here for a long time, just that social media has given me the visibility and no hate comments can discourage me now,” he said.

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