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My family can’t change my style —Osebo

HIS fashion sense has not only raised eyebrows, it has also made people’s jaws literally drop and he has been slammed for it several times but ‘fashionmonger’ Osebo The Zara Man is sticking to his guns saying no one and absolutely nothing, not even his family can make him change his style.


It is not rare to see Osebo, who runs a shop, 247 Boutique Zara Man Shop at North Kaneshie, going unconventional and sporting a shirt and a high-waist long skirt, a frock, mini dress, T-shirt over kilts plus a tote bag or briefcase among others.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz, Osebo’s real name, Richard Brown, who sometimes looks dapper and is smartly dressed, said no matter how his critics thought his sense of style was an embarrassment, he didn’t know what would make him stop.

According to him, although he had been dealing in fashion for about 30 years, he started getting loads of attention when he started with his way of dressing some eight years ago.

“I have been in this fashion business for the past 30 years so I don’t know why anyone would criticise my fashion sense which has made me who I am today. Those who insult me for my outfits don’t understand fashion.                            

 “Fashion is madness and it surprises me that Ghanaians complain about my way of dressing. They haven’t seen anything yet because I always plan ahead what I want to do and I always get the attention I need”, he stated.

When questioned if his children or any family member had ever complained about his style, he said his daughter was not very happy with him when he wore a long brown skirt but that would not stop him from dressing that way.

“Why would I listen to my children when I am making money through that. I know how this has helped me. I am able to pay their school fees and also take care of bills. So why would I listen to them or anybody for that matter. No one can convince me to change my style”, he added.

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