Juju in music industry is real - AK Songstress

BY: Delali Sika
Dancehall artiste AK Songstress says she has come to believe juju is real in the Ghanaian music industry
AK Songstress

Dancehall artiste AK Songstress had heard of the use of black magic, known in local parlance as juju, but had no idea that she would have an experience with it.

According to AK Songstress, since her latest song Jonathan, which she released about a month ago, gained international appeal, she has been receiving spiritual attacks.

“I recall hearing these kinds of stories but my team and I did not take it seriously. We figured it was just one of the many stories we hear but with the little I have seen, it is very true. People are doing things, taking people to places. I was fighting sex for collaborations not knowing that there was a bigger fight.”

“l have not been well since this song got the attention it is getting. It has a lot of views on social media platforms; when you go on Tik Tok we have about 20 million views, the number of people who are using it for their skits is just encouraging and just when I am getting there, it’s one illness to the other and it is not normal.”

“I know you will ask me why I think it is spiritual but I would rather keep that to myself. I would rather keep where I went, who said what etc to myself but one thing I know for sure is that there is juju in the system,” she told Graphic Showbiz in a phone conversation.

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The Funky Fresh singer also noted that due to those spiritual attacks she had to leave the country. “I am currently out of the country because as they say, out of sight is out of mind so I’m working on getting back on my feet.”

“As I’m talking to you, I passed out a few days ago. I just don’t understand. Don’t we have enough issues to tackle already? Why all these? I put in a lot of work to get my songs out there. It is these same people who will ask you why you do not have a hit song etc and when you get it too, they attack you,” she stated.

When Graphic Showbiz asked her whether there wasn’t a medical explanation for whatever she was experiencing, she said no. “I haven’t been to the hospital but I know for sure it is not medical, the passing out episodes are not ones that last long. I regain consciousness within a short time,” she added.

On how she is doing currently, AK Songstress said: “I am doing well and getting better; my management is also working around the clock to make sure I get better. We are fighting back. Honestly, I agreed to this interview because it is Graphic Showbiz and your firm has been very instrumental in my growth and journey.”

Talking about her Jonathan song, she explained that they had to use a different approach to promote it. “As a business, you try a strategy and if it doesn’t work, you look for other ways. That is why for this song, we started the promotion in Nigeria and it caught on well.

“On Boomplay Ghana, we were number one for some time, people even think it was sung by a Nigerian,” she disclosed.

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Sharing her Nigerian experience, AK Songstress said, “There is room for good music in Nigeria and if your music ‘blows’ there, it’s a big plus. They have the numbers so it is not easy standing out of the lot and I believe you can only stand out when your sound is good. Africa listens to Nigeria so I am happy that my song is big there.”

Having gotten the attention in Nigeria, AK Songstress is hopeful that Jonathan will catch on in Ghana too. “It is my belief that it will catch on in Ghana as well. In fact, gradually it is and I am thankful. I want to use this medium to thank Kuami Eugene for the support.

“I don’t know why he did what he did but my manager sent me a post that Kuami Eugene had posted on his social media pages asking Ghanaians to support me and I am grateful to him and everyone supporting me.”