I’m not joining the ‪#‎DumsorMustStop campaign – David Oscar

David Oscar

Ghanaian comedian, David Oscar, says he’s not in any way going to be hypocritical and join the #DumsorMustEnd campaign spearheaded by Yvonne Nelson.

The one-time host of ‘Laugh a Minute’ in a Facebook post attributes the cause of incessant power cut in the country to the ill use of electricity by Ghanaians. According to him, the president would have saved himself from the blames and constant harassment if fixing the current power crisis was easy.

He again pointed out that, Ghana is full of fault-seekers and less of vision implementers.

Read exactly what David Oscar wrote below:

I'm not even gonna be hypocritical and join the ‪#‎DumsorMustStop trend. How many of us have tried to conserve energy? Thanks to our waste, the dams are suffering.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a mindless critic of the president JDM, and I understand that there are alternative sources of energy, but do you think that if it was that easy to fix the power crisis, the president would not saved himself the blames and constant harassment?

As a nation, we happen to be fault seekers and less of vision implementers. Dumsor must stop, but your constant whining and whimpering would not act as a magic wand. Period!