Embrace ‘sinners’— Don D tells Gospel artistes

BY: Elorm Kojo Ntumy
 Don D
Don D

Gospel artiste, Don D has slammed his colleagues and Christians in general for condemning unbelievers instead of embracing them and bringing them to Christ.

According to him, the Bible teaches Christians to embrace sinners, yet this principle has been ignored by many.

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“Christians have become so hypocritical that they do not allow the Bible to guide them anymore.

The principle of the Bible, which charges us to go into the world and bring unbelievers to Christ, has become a thing of the past,” he said in an interview with Showbiz on Monday.

“Christ did not come for the people in the church or the righteous, he came for the sinners and those in the world. However, the question is, are we Christians perfect enough to judge those we believe to be sinners?” he asked.

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Don D charged Gospel artistes to be more open to their colleagues in the secular industry and not condemn them. “Many of the Gospel artistes who are condemning secular artistes are hypocrites and do even worse things,” he said.

Don D is a US based Gospel artiste and he is currently promoting his latest single, He’s Got My Back featuring DDT.

He’s Got My Back, which is targeted at the youth in urban slums otherwise known as ghettos, tells the story of how faithful and amazing God has been to mankind.

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The song is rendered in English and Pidgin, with an up-tempo rhythm and is sure to appeal to the youth who are primarily the target of the single.

Don D’s maiden album titled My Praise, released earlier this year, is currently enjoying commendable airplay and views both in Ghana and in the United States.

He told Showbiz that the journey so far has been great and he hopes to make an even bigger impact on the gospel music scene.