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Kumawood actor/comedian Dr Likee loses three months old baby
Kumawood actor/comedian Dr Likee loses three months old baby

Dr Likee loses three months old baby

Popular comedian and Youtuber, Akabenezer widely known as Dr. Likee, has lost his three months-old son named Loft.


In a video posted by his colleague and Kumawood actor, Komfo Kolaege on social media earlier today, he said the infant passed away in the early hours of today, February 28.

In the said video, Komfo Kolaege and actor, Kyinkyinaa Twaan are seen consoling Dr Likee, also known as Ras Nene for the loss.

Dr Likee was recently in the news following his disclosure that he quit schooling after completing JHS, and also started smoking at a tender age.

In a television interview on the Delay Show recently, Dr Likee said he was introduced to smoking at a young age when he was sent on errands to get them.

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 “Never send your child to buy cigarettes or even smoke in their presence. Sometimes, when someone smokes, drops it on the floor and quenches it, the fire isn’t completely out. So in that case, I’m compelled to pick it, hide behind the house and smoke the rest of it. That’s how it started.

“I became stubborn because I was earning some money from my scraps trade and the smoking habit made things worse. My mother would sit me down several times to advise me but I wouldn’t listen and gradually I was introduced to wee by a friend,” he told Delay.

Dr Likee recounted how he grew to become a truant and controlled the streets in his area.

“I used to control the streets. I had big men who covered me so I was making a lot more money. I had weapons to scare away customers who had ulterior motives," he recounted.

Delving into his early adulthood life, Ras Nene revealed how he crossed the desert in his mid-20s and dealt in drugs as well, which landed him in jail many times.

However, he found peace in acting and it eventually changed his path in life.

“Eventually, acting came along and changed my life totally. Even with the smoking habit, I realised that it wasn’t right to smoke and be in the company of these famous actors. I told myself that God had plans for me so I stopped because I was determined to do that,” he told Delay.


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