Clemento Suarez: I don’t care about enmity in comedy industry
Comedian Clemento Suarez

Clemento Suarez: I don’t care about enmity in comedy industry

Popular comedian and actor, Clemento Suarez has disclosed that he is least concerned about perceived hatred in the comedy industry since that could contribute to the progress of the sector.

According to him, some of the comedians seems envious of one another but appear to be on good terms publicly. However, he was not distracted by the development.  

Clemento Suarez is said to have made the comments on Joy Prime’s Morning Prime recently and reported by

 “On the facial, it looks good, but I don’t really care. If that’s what will put the industry forward, we should just do that. If we’re fighting inside but we don’t bring it out, it’s good,” he is quoted to have said.

He further stated that comedians are permitted to joke about people’s personal lives just for comedy purposes. However, his colleagues should be intelligent to discern controversial jokes that may not augur well.

The days of Ghanaian comedians being heavily criticised for not being funny and not living up to expectation seem to be long gone.

Today, Ghanaian comedians are mounting stages not only in Ghana but in places such as Nigeria, considered as having the best comedians on the continent, and they are also successfully headlining their own shows, with fully packed auditoriums and satisfied patrons who get their money’s worth.

According to Clemento Suarez, the sector is very lucrative now but many factors including an individual’s creativity and innovativeness highly contribute to the success.

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