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DJing not  preserve of men  —DJ Slybeatz
DJing not  preserve of men —DJ Slybeatz

DJing not  preserve of men —DJ Slybeatz

PROMOTER and Disc Jockey DJ Slybeatz has reiterated the fact that more females need to venture into DJing, as their numbers in the craft is low, compared to their male counterparts.

He opined that the situation could change if more women were convinced to take up the craft and disabuse their minds of the fact that the craft is a preserve for men.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz last Tuesday, April 4, DJ Slybeatz, real name Sylvester Alexis Sam, acknowledged that though the situation had seen some improvement, there was still more work to be done, considering the ratio of men to women in the industry.

“Most people believe that DJing is exclusively the domain of males, so there aren't many women in this field who are bold enough to give it a try. 

“My encounters with the few female DJs have led me to believe that whenever the discussion is brought up, they see it as an industry where only men thrive, and therefore, there was no need pursuing it as a professional career.

“Yes, they are into it, and some are making progress. However, behind what the public sees, they always harbour the thought of abandoning the skill someday because Djing is for men and they are probably doing it just for the fun of it or because they are young and want to explore, but not for a serious endeavour,” he said.

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DJ Slybeatz, who is a trained journalist as well as a DJ-trainer and a promoter, said among the challenges that have come up in conversations with aspiring female DJs is the lack of support for them.

He pointed out that the unavailability of financial help to acquire the relevant equipment to improve their skills has also been an impediment.

“I have come across ladies who have expressed interest in the craft but always raise concerns of not having the necessary equipment like laptops, speakers, cables, mixer setup, turntable and mixer, headphones and other items. When you inform them about how much the equipment cost, it scares them away,” he said.

According to DJ Slybeatz, providing a platform for more women to explore and learn about the craft would be a positive step towards encouraging women to show interest in the DJing industry.

As such, he is starting a training programme to provide such services in the coming months.

“I believe that those of us who are fortunate to have the platform would make positive impact by bringing on board some of our female peers who are interested in the DJing industry but lack the resources to pursue it.

“I am saying so because there was a lady I met who had an interest and with just a little help, she has become a known figure in the space. DJ Chichi has grown so fast because she got the platform and she is now travelling in and out of the country playing shows,” he stated.


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