Christabel defines ‘Afrocentric fashion’!

BY: Graphic Showbiz

“SO I found myself doing the usual eight to five work schedule immediately after completing my tertiary education sometime in the year 2012 as I waited to start my national service the following year.

For my national service, I served as a Client Service Executive at one of the Zenith Bank branches in Accra.  

Not sure what to expect after my national service, I decided to follow my passion and what I have always wanted to do irrespective of the bank’s decision; whether to retain me or not. 

That was the start of my journey into the world of fashion, this time not just an ordinary follower of fashion trends but fashion becoming my source of livelihood”.  

That was how the Human Resources Management graduate of the Central University College and now the Creative Director and Founder of Ghanaian fashion brand, Aba & Thursday, Christabel Osei Aku got motivated to take her destiny into her hands and with the support of her family and close friends started her fashion line.

Aba & Thursday as a fashion brand is committed to showcasing the rich culture of Africa to the rest of the world through African textiles and the brand is becoming widespread across the country as a result of its range of amazing products. Not only are the products of high quality, they are trendy, classy and above all very affordable.

After two years of hard work, the brand has gained some recognition amongst its targeted market and it is certainly a good time for Aba & Thursday currently!

 Earlier this year, Aba & Thursday featured at some selected exhibitions in London which was followed with a partnership with the Miss Ghana UK Foundation to cloth contestants for this year’s edition of the most prestigious and popular beauty pageant across Europe, the 2016 Miss Ghana UK.

Last week, Ms. Christabel Osei Aku hinted on the release of the latest collection by the brand in the coming days while speaking about “Afrocentric Fashion”. 

According to her, the concept of “Afrocentric Fashion” revolves around a calculated at making sure African fashion, taking any form or type as well as practitioners within the African fashion space become pre-eminent.

“There has been a lot happening in and out of the continent which aims at extensively promoting Africa through fashion and this is what the Aba & Thursday brand stands for and represents.

“I have noted the Afro-fusion movement as well, where there is a blend of western products with African elements and sometimes the other way around.

“I think these are all pragmatic steps at ensuring that the goal of “Afrocentric Fashion” is eventually achieved though will require a lot of effort, confidence, creativity, financial injection and focus”, she said.   

The fashion industry has for some time now been witnessing the interesting, famous and never ending debate - smart versus casual! 

According to Ms. Aku, she has closely followed this debate and feels it is time for her to make a statement on this debate which is reflected in the name of the latest collection by Aba & Thursday.

“What do you prefer to wear to work? Not often are we lucky to have a relaxed dress code. There are a few rules we have to follow, but we can pretty much wear what we want. 

“This doesn’t mean that everyone decides to turn up to work in jeans and a t-shirt though some people in some offices still choose to dress smartly.

“I decided to investigate, asking people from various sections how they feel about casual clothes in the workplace”.

The latest collection by Aba & Thursday, dubbed “Smart Casual”, is for the everyday person and suitable for every occasion, whether corporate events or casual hangouts.

 According to Ms. Aku, her motivation for this collection was as a result of her investigation into the smart versus casual debate. 

“A lot of people in and outside the office believe that the option to dress casual allows them to be more comfortable – especially in the hot weather. 

“After all, wearing a full suit when it’s 25 degrees and there’s no air conditioning is sure to affect productivity. If people are comfortable, they’re happier, and if they’re happier, they’re more likely to work harder”, she concluded.