Stability begets development, let’s preserve it

BY: Daily Graphic
Ghana as a democratic, peaceful and stable country
Ghana as a democratic, peaceful and stable country

Ghana is one of the very blessed nations of the world because it enjoys relative peace, even though it is located in a sub-region known to be turbulent.

It is the steady peace that the country has enjoyed for almost three decades during its Fourth Republic that has accounted for some leaps in its socio-economic development.

During the period, Ghana has been referred to by the comity of nations as ‘a citadel of peace’, ‘an oasis of peace’, ‘a beacon of democracy’, among many other accolades.  

It is not for nothing that such descriptions have been made about the country. Those who value peace, security and stability know that these attributes do not come cheap and also require a lot of effort to sustain them.

The Daily Graphic believes that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo echoed the same sentiments when he told members of the Diplomatic Corps at the annual new year greetings ceremony last Tuesday that his government was committed to preserving the reputation of Ghana as a democratic, peaceful and stable country.

In fact, he hit the nail right on the head when he said that maintaining the peace and stability of the country was the only way to inspire confidence in the economy to the rest of the world. After all, who would want to invest in a country that is unstable?

Ghana has recently become the cynosure of countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with many foreign dignitaries not only visiting the country last year but also signing several memoranda of understanding (MoU) on investment cooperation between Ghana and those countries.

As a result of those agreements, major vehicle manufacturers, such as Germany’s Volkswagen, France’s Renault, China’s Sino Truck and Japan’s Nissan are set to establish manufacturing plants in Ghana.

This bodes well for employment in the country and such plants will definitely bolster Ghana’s economy.

That is why the Daily Graphic is pleased with the assurance given by the President to do everything possible to preserve the country’s hard-won reputation to inspire confidence in Ghana and its economy.

Staying on that tangent will not only enable the government to implement without interference its programmes for economic and social development; it will also enable it to create the conditions necessary to make Ghana an attractive investment destination.

This is where we believe that every Ghanaian needs to play a part by being decorous towards one another and doing things that will sustain the peace we enjoy and not take it for granted.

Ghana has come a long way since gaining independence 62 years ago and we can’t fail ourselves and the rest of the world.

 We should not compare ourselves to countries younger than us but be determined to show that Ghana can emerge as a modern, buoyant and prosperous nation by guarding the peace to ensure development in freedom, peace and stability.