Day and boarding house for pets; a true example of creating self-employment

BY: The Mirror
Farming is a lucrative venture
Farming is a lucrative venture

The issue of unemployment in the country, especially among the youth, is not a new one.

Part of the problem has been attributed to the lack of skills, which renders candidates for employment easily unemployable.

Other people remain unemployed because they have targeted white-collar jobs which are unavailable.

It is not uncommon to see graduates stuck at home for years, while being fed and clothed by their parents.

This definitely puts a strain on the already stretched family budget.

Unemployment, whether among the youth or adults, has consequences, including financial hardship, homelessness, family tension, social vices, erosion of self-esteem and ill-health.

The family unit remains a happy one only when there are the necessary resources to provide its needs, even if basic.

Although it is a unique innovation, our front-page lead story, Boarding house for pets, is an example of how thinking outside the box to create employment could be beneficial and reduce social vices in our society.

Mr Kwame Amakye Sackey, who is the manager of Village Pets and Gardens, a pet shop with facilities to provide day and boarding care for pets, graduated from school at 19, got himself trained in Animal Husbandry and joined his father to take care of his pet shops.

The running of a boarding house for pets is a market which is quite new and came about as a result of some people seeking a place to keep their pets while they travel or are unavailable to do so.

The Mirror, therefore, encourages the unemployed to think outside the box to create jobs for themselves.

This will lessen the financial burden on families and reduce social vices in society.

More importantly, it will result in happier family lives and society will be the greater beneficiary as it becomes a safer place.

Becoming self-employed demands, a good dose of innovation and the boldness to venture into the unknown, identify a service that people need and provide it.

With a bit of luck, one may even become the provider of jobs for many others.