Some cohorts with Sarah Norkor Anku (Middle) after the seminar
Some cohorts with Sarah Norkor Anku (Middle) after the seminar

SNA IP Academy Hosts multi-country hybrid seminar to empower young innovators, creatives & startups

SNA IP Academy, an online learning platform specializing in intellectual property (IP) education, has organized a ground-breaking hybrid seminar targeting young entrepreneurs, creatives, and startups across Ghana, Nigeria, and The Gambia. 


This event marks the official launch of the Academy, a social initiative of SN ANKU IP FIRM, aimed at equipping the next generation of innovators with essential IP knowledge to protect their intellectual property, leverage it for commercial success, and understand the support available when their IP rights are infringed.

The hybrid seminar featured in-person sessions in each country, with participants connected through the power of technology for shared learning and knowledge exchange. This format showcased the global vision of SNA IP Academy to democratize IP education and foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across Africa. Through comprehensive courses and expert-led training, the Academy addresses the dynamic needs of today’s business landscape, empowering participants with practical, accessible, and engaging education.

Speaking to the vision of the Academy at the Ghana seminar, Sarah Norkor Anku, Managing Attorney of SN ANKU IP FIRM said “At SNA IP Academy, we believe that robust intellectual property knowledge is the cornerstone of sustainable business growth and innovation. This hybrid seminar is a testament to our commitment to demystify IP for young African entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators providing them with the tools they need to protect their creations, gain a competitive edge, and drive commercial success. Our Academy is designed to inspire innovation, empower entrepreneurs, and contribute to the economic development of Africa”.

“Africa is home to the fastest growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators across various sectors. They are a dynamic force poised to catalyse economic transformation through their work. Our role is to empower them with the knowledge and tools to do so through the courses we offer on the academy, which is available on demand anywhere, anytime, coupled with our expert services in all areas of IP to power their dreams and aspirations” She concluded.

A special session during the event was given to the creative arts sector, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by artists, designers, musicians, and other creatives. The seminar provided tailored insights on how creatives can safeguard their work, from copyrights to trademarks, and effectively monetize their artistic creations.

Yusupha Jallow, Head of the Gambian Office of the Firm that hosted a number of Gambian entrepreneurs added “Our specialized courses, such as IP management and patent drafting, are crafted to equip young entrepreneurs and creatives with the necessary skills to navigate the complex IP landscape. By understanding how to protect their inventions and integrate IP strategies into their business models, participants can ensure their innovations lead to sustainable growth and success. This hybrid seminar is just the beginning of many initiatives aimed at empowering Africa's future business leaders.”

Participants expressed enthusiasm about the value they gained from the seminar.

Emmanuel Okoro, an entrepreneur and participant from the Nigerian cohort shared his excitement about the webinar with Head of the Nigerian office of the firm Onyinyechukwu MaryMagdalene Okeyea Dotsey.  He said “Attending the SNA IP Academy hybrid seminar was incredibly enlightening. I learned so much about the importance of protecting my intellectual property and how to leverage it to grow my business. The practical advice and resources provided have already made a significant impact on my approach to innovation and entrepreneurship. I will continue taking courses on the Academy and I will encourage other young entrepreneurs who want to benefit from these great resources to take the courses on the Academy as well”.

Special guest speakers and contributors to the event included Mr. William Akwetey Bonsu, Ghana’s Copyright Administrator, Makeba Boateng Utip from Fashion Forum Africa as well as senior representatives from the Gambian Registrar General’s office and the Copyrights Office of Nigeria. 

SNA IP Academy’s multi-country hybrid seminar is a significant step towards creating a robust ecosystem for IP education and support in Africa. The Academy, through its affiliation with SN ANKU IP FIRM, is poised to become a leading force in fostering innovation, protecting creative works, and driving economic progress across the continent. The Academy is accessible to all and offers a range of courses designed to meet the needs of participants from diverse backgrounds.

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