SIGMA Cylinders supports GSA legislation

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SIGMA Cylinders supports GSA legislation
SIGMA Cylinders supports GSA legislation

On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) arranged a meeting with importers and manufacturers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) domestic cylinders, at the GSA Head Office, Accra.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and find solutions to challenges facing the sector, such as the influx of substandard cylinders on the markets, and to protect consumers.

Sigma Cylinders represented by Mr Carlo Zeitounian – Sigma Ghana, General Manager who attended the meeting thanked, supported and praised GSA efforts in their continuous progress and safeguarding Ghanian lives led by Director Prof Alex Dodoo and Acting Director Mr Clifford Frimpong.  

Sigma Cylinders actively participated and supported the discussion, which included that the GSA will conduct two (2) factory inspections and two (2) market surveillance to collect samples to test them for quality and standards compliance. It was also agreed that cylinder quality and its identification will be checked including the weight, name of manufacturer, origin, and serial number. The ISO 4706 and ISO 22991 certifications will be followed.

During the meeting, it was mentioned that the President of Ghana is encouraging Ghanaian manufacturing companies instead of concentrating on imports. Products manufactured in Ghana are taken through a rigorous certification process. This is not so with the imported products and the local manufacturers welcome the effort being made by the GSA to certify all imported products and give them a specific mark to indicate they are certified and guide consumers.

In its quest to continue being a market leader in the industry, Sigma Ghana in addition to 4 ISO certifications has attained product certification from the GSA for Sigma Cylinders. This goes a long way to tell the preparedness of our organisation to meet market demands while addressing standards and safety issues.  

We at Sigma Cylinders, care about the Ghanaian people. We strive to ensure that the cylinders that go into their kitchens will serve and protect them. As such, we are currently running a safety awareness campaign nationwide about the quality and safety of cylinders.