Lottery funding for sports: The way to go
Sammy Awuku — CEO, NLA

Lottery funding for sports: The way to go

During an interaction with visiting members of the Ghana Chess Federation in May 2021, the Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr Mustapha Ussif, highlighted the importance of a Sports Fund currently before Parliament, which, if passed, will aid in the development of various sporting disciplines in the country.

He underlined his determination to see to it that the fund is approved by parliament. However, two years down the line, Parliament has yet to pass a Sports Fund. 

Sports Bill

Prior to the Sports Fund, the Sports Bill was passed by Parliament in 2016. The Sports Bill was designed to aid in the formation of the National Sports Commission, which would oversee the development, promotion, and administration of amateur and professional sports.

It was also meant to allow the country to conduct its sports in accordance with international law. The Bill is expected to increase sports participation and performance while also encouraging the commercial sector to contribute to sports funding.

At the time of writing, neither the National Sports Commission nor the corporate sector are contributing monetarily to sports funding.

Sports Fund

The Sports Fund, like the GETFUND, is expected to provide a buffer and supplement the harsh realities that befall the country's so-called least-funded sporting disciplines. Prior to the Sport Fund and Sports Bill, which is currently before Parliament, different stakeholder meetings were held to determine how best to finance sports in the country.

It is obvious that the state cannot bear the weight of subsidising the discipline, and sports are becoming a thriving business in other regions of the continent.

Lottery Funding of Sports

The idea of using the lottery to fund sports in Ghana has created quite a stir during the last decade. Many workshops and seminars have been organised  but little action has been taken.  

It originated in the United Kingdom, where UK Sport contributed over £40 million in National Lottery money to support a £150 million initiative to host major international sporting events in the UK from 2013 to 2023.

This paid off when UK won some of the most medals at the Olympics and other important international tournaments.

It can be accomplished by a concerted effort by all stakeholders who, if informed about the history of sports and its effects on our society, culture, health, and physical well-being, would strive tirelessly to establish a funding source for sports.

It is long past time for the government to find permanent support for sports in order to reduce the state's burden and produce the required money from the discipline.

The government must not give up. The President's clarion call to make sports one of his pillars of actualizing progress in the country before he leaves office must be realised. 

The African Games will take place in the first quarter of next year, and the government and stakeholders must agree on a long-term solution for sports. Athletes and sports officials, including coaches, administrators, and referees, have had their fill of waiting. The time has come to take action.

Now is the time to pass and implement the Sports Fund.

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