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Mon, Sep

Insurance Solutions Ltd - A reliable link to insurance services

Ms Josephine Amoah

Insurance Solutions Ltd (ISL) is a Ghanaian-owned limited liability company licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) as insurance brokers. It handles all classes of insurance business.

ISL prides itself on its unparalleled reputation for excellence and exceptionally high service standards.

This is the foundation upon which the longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships that it enjoys with our clients and insurers is built.

Our services

Among others, the ISL assists its clients by reviewing their insurances and identifying their insurance needs; guiding them to arrange adequate and appropriate insurances which provide maximum benefits for the needs identified and negotiating favourable terms and conditions for them.

The company endeavours to ensure that its clients get value for their money while saving valuable man hours.

Our clients 

Our clients are mostly organisations in both the public and private sectors.

These include banks, hotels, ministries departments and agencies, media houses, reinsurance companies, factories, garages, offices, schools, trade/professional associations, commodity trading companies and residential properties.

Our vision 

To be a world-class insurance broking firm

Our mission

To provide quality and timely risk management solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients

Our core objectives - Integrity - Reliability - Good customer service

Our board of directors

 Our five member board of directors have experience in insurance, education, social development, health, development planning and road safety.

Management/technical team

The ISL is headed by Ms Josephine Amoah (BSc, ACII, FIIG) a Chartered Insurer with a wealth of experience in insurance practice and regulation.

Our technical team is made up of professionally qualified insurance personnel who are well rounded in insurance practice with a combined experience of over 55 years in insurance underwriting and claims, insurance supervision and insurance broking.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Ghanaian insurance market, especially the providers and products, places us in a unique position to help our clients to obtain maximum benefit from their insurances.