Rev. Kennedy Okosun (left), Executive Chairman, KRIF Ghana, with some selected Chief Information Security Officers attending the Radware CyberSec summit in Kenya.
Rev. Kennedy Okosun (left), Executive Chairman, KRIF Ghana, with some selected Chief Information Security Officers attending the Radware CyberSec summit in Kenya.

Let’s push for robust cybersecurity measures in Africa — Executive Chairman, KRIF Ghana

The Executive Chairman of  KRIF Ghana, Rev. Kennedy Okosun, has called for collaboration between the government and private sector to build resilient cybersecurity frameworks.


This would safeguard the digital landscape of Africa, now and in the future. He explained that Africa's rapid digital adoption often outpaced the implementation of robust cyber security measures such that many organisations and individuals lacked the necessary resources and expertise to tackle sophisticated cyber threats. 

Additionally, he said general lack of awareness about the importance of cyber security also left many users vulnerable to attacks.

Radware cybersecurity summit

Rev. Okosun made the call last Friday at a pre-departure cocktail event for some selected Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) attending Radware CyberSec summit in Kenya.

Radware, a software company in collaboration with KRIF Ghana Ltd, has selected 15 CISOs from corporate institutions in Ghana to attend this years cybersecurity conference in Kenya.

The event will bring together experts and professionals in the technology space across the world to discuss latest trends, challenges and advancements in cybersecurity. It aims to provide insights and strategies to help organisations strengthen their cybersecurity posture to drive socioeconomic growth in their respective countries.

Fostering innovation

The KRIF Ghana Executive Chairman said “we stand at the threshold of a digital revolution, Africa is embracing technology at an unprecedented rate. Mobile phones, internet access and digital services are transforming lives, driving economic growth and fostering innovation across the continent.”

However, he said with these advancements came significant risks which were not bound by geography, adding that “as our digital footprint expands, so does our exposure to these dangers.

These threats range from identity theft and financial fraud to more sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure such as energy grids, financial systems and healthcare networks.”

Rev. Okosun said the impact of such breaches could be devastating, eroding trust, causing economic damage and endangering lives, therefore, it was crucial to recognise that cyber security was not merely an IT issue but a shared responsibility. 

“We are all at risk, and therefore, we must all be part of the solution. As we navigate the digital age, let us remember that cyber security is not a destination but a journey. It requires continuous effort, adaptation and vigilance. 

By staying informed, adopting best practices and fostering a collective sense of responsibility, we can mitigate the risks and safeguard our digital lives,” he said.


Rev Okosun pledged KRIF Ghana Ltd’s commitment to bringing to corporate Ghana Cybersecurity solutions to secure networks, whenever, wherever,without complexity. “As we continue to be reminded that the threats landscape is always evolving, we shall provide solutions that keep you consistently ahead.

We aim to apply Al in the efforts to provide security solutions that prevent evasive threats,” Rev. Okosun added.

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