Energy Quest EP - 1 - Petroleum price deregulation and electric vehicles

BY: Kente TV
Energy Quest

Energy Quest, the TV/web magazine talk show series first episode was aired last Sunday, 31st January 2021. This first episode dubbed “Petroleum Price Deregulation”, focused on Ghana’s journey so far since the implementation of the Deregulation Policy in June 2015. Has it been beneficial or detrimental?

In an interview with Mr Michael Bozumbil, CEO of Petrosol Ghana, he spoke on the benefits enjoyed by the consumer and the government. He concluded by saying as private sector operators, they can plan and ensure that the products are brought in consistently to enable them to have consistent and regular business operations.

The CEO of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hose explained that the positive thing for its members is that there are no more government legacy debts, affecting business continuity,however, it has resulted in intense competition, that has eroded their margins.

On our Women in Energy segment, we had Elinam Horgli, Deputy Managing Director of JK Horgli Transport Company Limited. She gave us insight into her life as a young woman steering the affairs of a transport company, with over 400 trucks, and a male dominated team.

Finally, our Trends segment projected an app that eases fuel purchase and offers security to the customer. The PEFUM APP. This Sunday, 7th February 2021, the special episode of Energy Quest titled “Electric Vehicles in Ghana” airs. This episode will not feature the various segment of the show but will still be very educative, informative and exciting.

In this episode, we visit Solar Taxi, a green energy  company that provides transportation services that ensures for a clean and sustainable environment using renewable energy. In this episode, we look at the various means of transportation products which includes solar-electric motors, cars and charging station being produced by Solar Taxi. We will grasp on how safe electric vehicles are to the health of mankind and how sustainable they are to the environment.

Also in this episode, we meet young Female Engineers working currently at Solar Taxi in assembling the parts of the vehicles. These ladies will give us insight into their lives as female engineers and their journey to engineering. 

Don’t miss this episode on “Electric Vehicles in Ghana” this Sunday on JoyNews at 6:30pm and the repeat on Wednesday at 2:30pm. Watch all episodes of Energy Quest on Graphic Online on this page and on YouTube at Energy Quest TV, GraphicOnline and KenteTv.