Sportsbusiness Africa centre to develop policy to help shape Ghana's sports industry

BY: GraphicOnline

 The SportBusiness Africa Centre (SBAC), a think tank unit of RICS Consult Limited says it is committed to developing a comprehensive sports policy that will see to the growth of the sports industry in Ghana.

 According to the founder and chairman of the SBAC, Mr. Magnus Naabe RexDanquah, wider sport, physical activity and recreation sector landscape is vast and reaches into many different sectors, hence, SBAC will organise regular round table discussions that will bring together academicians, sector leaders and organizations, associations or federations, consumers, all facets of media among others.

He said by creating a unique blend of debate, research and influence, the SBAC will be enhancing an independent, non-political space to challenge the status quo, scan and explore new ideas, technology and innovations as well as predict future trends.

He explained, “Bringing academic research into policy making in a way that is digestible and useful, along with helping shape meaningful and timely future research will position the SBAC to add to our collective strive of seeing sport as an emerging industry, thereby bringing the sector together to better influence central and local government priorities and policy making with a balanced, evidence-based and long-term view.”

He added that “promoting evidence based, innovative policy-making and best practices, as well as, building on previous research and thinking, whilst keeping policy makers accountable to their current strategies will be one sure way to change the paradigm within which we have been promoting, developing, organizing and managing all aspects of sport in the country over the last six decades”.

 Mr. RexDanquah further stated that the SBAC will pursue the aforementioned goals through initiatives such as communicating important sector news, research and events, relevant government and parliamentary activities.

He said it will also be publishing regular newspaper articles offering different viewpoints and opinions, highlighting new research, hosting seminars and conferences to explore and debate key sector issues with a wide range of stakeholders.

 The SBAC will launch the maiden edition of its official mouthpiece, “AFRICA’S PASSIONS’, a quarterly bulletin for sportbusiness in Africa next month, October 2021 together with a position paper on ‘Sport Infrastructure in Ghana: Compulsive Need for Sustainability Plans”.