The FA’s big 5

BY: Rosalind Amoh
 George Kwasi Afriyie

The new vice president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) George Kwasi Afriyie, says his position is not only reward for hardwork and loyalty to Ghana football, but also a big challenge to help take the sport to a higher level.

Afriyie replaces former vice president, Fred Crentsil, who was unable to retain his seat on the recently held Executive Committee (ExCo) elections.


And as he warms himself into the new position, having been elevated from being  a member of the Emergency Committee (EmCo) of the GFA, Afriyie aims at building a healthier relationship with the media to help tell the GFA story better and erase all doubts and negative perceptions about the association in the minds of Ghanaians and football lovers.

"While I'm humbled by the decision of the president, I think the new office also brings a greater responsibility and challenge. For me, the focus will be on being more forthright and operate a more approachable administration that will close any gaps between the FA and the media as they are crucial in our job," Afriyie told the Graphic Sports in an interview moments after his appointment yesterday.

In a move that came as no surprise to the football family, Nyantakyi chose Afriyie as his vice after presenting a four-man EmCo list to the ExCo at their first meeting yesterday.

Afriyie's nomination received an overwhelming endorsement as well as the three other names —Nanabanyin Eyison, Kweku Eyiah, Nii Kormietei Doku — presented.

Given the exclusive right to choose his own EmCo members for the first time, the president had earlier told the Graphic Sports that he was among other things going to consider loyality, experience, personality and trustworthiness for his choice.

While Afriyie's elevation is considered as reward for his loyal and good work when he was named the unofficial 'Chief of Staff' of the president, the choice of the other three, the Graphic Sports has learnt, is to satisfy the various representations on the ExCo.

Nanabanyin Eyison, the chairman of Sekondi Hasaacas, who joined the ExCo on one of the six tickets of the Premier League clubs, represents that bloc. Mr Eyiah also represents the Division One League Board (DOLB) while Nii Doku's elevation is as a result of the strong lobbying from the Regional Football Association (RFA) Chairmen, who now form a powerful bloc on the ExCo.