Norvor appeals to govt for land - To build sports complex

BY: Kwame Larweh

Former national handball captain and Founder of Town Council Line volleyball team, Patrick Norvor, has appealed to the state for a parcel of land to construct a multi-purpose sports complex to engage the youth in sporting activities as a form of sustenance and recreation.

Mr Norvor, who is also an ace volleyball player, needs an urgent help from the state and stakeholders in sports to help him acquire a free piece of land to construct the sporting facility out of his own resources.

“I’m looking for space where I can put up a handball, basketball, volleyball and table tennis sports complex for the youth’, he stressed.

In an interview with the Graphic Sports last Monday, the US-based businessman who is currently in the country to organise sporting activities for the youth in his community, Town Council Line, believes streetism and youth unemployment can be curbed if facilities exist to occupy them.

 “I believe sports can be used as a tool for employment and youth activism and not just recreation” he stated.

The multiple sports athlete, who is now a sports administrator, organised a nine-team volleyball knockout tournament for players, clubs and teams in the Greater Accra Region last Monday.

He tasked the government to provide assistance for the least-financed sporting disciplines to help them shed that unenviable tag.