GFA Restructuring: GHALCA woos government with reforms

BY: Michael Quaye
Nana Yaw Amponsah
Nana Yaw Amponsah

One of the key figures seeking to lead a new Ghana Football Association (GFA) has proposed an interim management board and an interim management committee to oversee intended reforms within the local football structure.

Nana Yaw Amponsah, who owns Division One side Phar Rangers, has proposed prominent personalities to man the two interim bodies to steer the Ghana football system onto the path of reform.

He has also proposed that there should be no promotion nor relegation for the current year in the wake of difficulties occasioned by the chaos that triggered the suspension of competitive football activities in Ghana.

His proposal, contained in a four-page document sighted by Graphic Online, appears to fuse government's position into the interest of the football administrators in a fine blend that could satisfy the different parties.

It appears to be about the most comprehensive proposal from the football public so far and makes a decisive demand for the formation of an independent football tribunal with the powers of a high court to adjudicate on all local football matters.

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It requests the government to pump over $1 million to cushion the clubs and leagues – according to a graduated structure – for the period until the return to proper football competitions in Ghana.

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The document, which has been widely circulated among members of the Ghana League Club Association (GHALCA), appears to have the approval of the group whose membership is beginning to oppose government's apparent highhandedness in the resolve to deregister the GFA.

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Nana Yaw Amponsah proposes an eight-member interim board and suggests a membership that includes sports minister, Isaac Asiamah; government's nominee on the committee to oversee the restructuring of the GFA, Dr Kofi Amoah; Hearts of Oak owner and president of the national house of chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV; and Dormaahene and owner of Aduana Stars, Nana Agyemang Badu II.

That interim board, he says, will ratify the decisions of the subordinate interim committee.

He proposes, as part of a roadmap for the reforms, that the IMC appoints ad hoc committees “to run the affairs of national teams so that Ghana can continue to participate in international competitions without a break”.

The proposed roadmap includes a suggestion for the formation of an election committee – assisted by the electoral commission – to supervise democratic processes to elect new officers who would take charge in January 2019.

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The new GFA executives would then organize abridged competitions and then ensure that the 2019/2020 league season starts by August in order to synchronise it with the developed leagues of, particularly Europe.

The document also proposes wholesale restructuring of Ghana football, including the formation of regional academies, the establishment of a league management company different from the current Premier League Board, an enlarged congress from the current 122 to 396 members, a new league structure of a 16-club super league, a 24-club premier league, and a 24-club division one league.

The author of the document announced his interest in the GFA presidency last year, long before the current chaos that has resulted in the suspension of football activities by the GFA.

Read the entire document below;



In the wake of the ‘Anas Expose’ and governments resolve to dissolve the Ghana Football Association, it is important to consider a feasible and amicable roadmap through effective reform proposals. It is imperative for the government and the football authorities to establish an interim Board and Management Committee to steer the affairs of Ghana football pending democratic elections. Members of the IMB and IMC are prohibited from contesting in elections to elect substantive executives of the New Governing Body. The government will however have to respectfully reconsider its decision to deregister the Ghana Football Association.


There should be an Interim Management Board (IMB) made up of eminent personalities from Government, the Football authorities and other renowned administrators to ratify decisions to be made by the Interim Management Committee (IMC). The following are recommended to form the IMB;

1. Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah – Chairman of IMB (Government)
2. Dr. Kofi Amoah – Chairman of IMC (FIFA/CAF)
3. Hon. Godfred Yeboah Dame (Government)
4. Dr. K.K. Sarpong (Government)
5. Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom (Football Authorities)
6. Togbe Afede XIV (Football Authorities)
7. Nana Agyemang Badu II (Football Authorities)
8. Dr. Kwame Kyei (Football Authorities)


The Interim Management Committee will be in charge of the day to day running of the Association (GFA) for a period of Six (6) months from 15/07/2018 to 15/01/2019. They will be responsible for the administration and governance of football in Ghana. The team will lead in ensuring that proposed reforms are instituted through dialogue with the Ghana League Clubs Association and other stakeholders. They will lead a roadmap to democratic elections from December 1ST & 2ND 2018, for District Elections and January 5TH 2019 for Executive Board and Presidential Elections.
The recommended committee members are;

1. Dr. Kofi Amoah – Chairman (FIFA/CAF)
2. Mr. Kudjoe Fianoo – CEO (Football Authorities)
3. Mr. Kwaku Eyiah – Legal (Football Authorities)
4. Hon. Vincent Sowah Odotei – Reforms (Government)
5. Ms Eva Okyere – Women’s Football (Government)
6. Mr. Oti Akenteng – National Teams (FIFA/CAF)
7. Mr. Joe Debrah - Referees
8. Mr. Dan Kwaku Yeboah - Government (Spokesperson)


1. The IMC to appoint ad-hoc committees to run the affairs of National Teams so that Ghana can continue to participate in international competitions without a break.

2. The IMC to form an elections committee to organise the election of new executives for the GFA and district representatives with the help of the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

3. The new elected executives to organise a novelty competition (i.e. GALA) between January 2019 to June 2019 which will include existing clubs from Division 2 to Premier League. There will be no promotion nor relegation for 2017/18 season.

4. Ghana Black Stars to continue preparations and qualifications for AFCON 2019. The IMC will take charge of this and hand over to the new GFA executives in January 2019.

5. The new Executives to plan the 2019/2020 season to start from August 2019 to May 2020. This will synchronise our leagues with that of the developed leagues.


1. Establishment of Leadership Structures;

i. District Football Representatives (216) to be elected by all registered Juvenile (colts), Women’s Division One league teams, Men’s Division 2 and 3 clubs within each district. A club must have existed and participated in the respective league for 2 consecutive season prior to the elections to qualify to vote. Each club will have a single vote.
ii. An Executive Board of 39 Members of which 34 will be duly elected for at Congress to replace the Executive Committee. This will comprise of 10 Representing Premier League, 12 for Division One, 10 District Representatives, Constituent Bodies (2), President and 2 Vice Presidents and 2 Government nominees. Prospective aspirants must have been affiliated with a league club (Division 1, 2, Premier and women’s league clubs) and be endorsed by at least 10 clubs (including 4 Premier, 6 Division One) as well as 5 District Football Representatives and pass through vetting to qualify as a candidate.
iii. 10 Members of the Executive Board will be appointed to be Regional Football Heads/Directors. They will be nominated by the President of the GFA and to be agreed upon by 2/3 of the Executive Board members.
iv. There will be a President and two Vice Presidents. The First Vice will be appointed by the President (may not necessarily be a member of the Executive Board) and the Second Vice to be nominated by the Executive Board from within its members.
v. There will be an 8-member Emergency Committee made up of the President, the Two Vice Presidents and the 5 duly elected by the Executive Board from within its membership.
vi. There will be a 5-member Public Interest Committee comprising 3 nominated by The Executive Board from their members and 2 Government nominees on the Executive Board. They will be responsible for fostering a harmonious relationship between government and the GFA and to seek public accountability from the GFA.
vii. The President of the GFA will be elected by Congress. He must have been affiliated to a club (Division 1, 2 and Premier League, and women’s League Club) for two years prior to the elections.
viii. The President will serve a maximum of two (2) terms of four (4) years each.
ix. Executive Board Members will serve a maximum of three (3) terms of (4) years.
x. District Football Representatives will serve a maximum of three (3) terms of four (4) years.

2. The Composition of Congress will be a total of 396 made up of;

a. 216 District Football Representatives (216)
b. 3 representatives from each Premier League Club (48)
c. 2 representatives from each Division One Club (96)
d. 1 Representatives from Women’s Premier League Clubs (16)
e. Security Services Sports Association (SSESA) (2)
f. Schools and Colleges (2)
g. Tertiary Institutions (2)
h. Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (2)
i. Referees Association of Ghana (2)
j. Coaches Association of Ghana (2)
k. Schools and Colleges (2)
l. Constituent Bodies (2)
m. Ministry of Youth and Sports (2)
n. Sports Writers Association of Ghana (2)

3. League Structure: To have 3 national men’s Leagues namely;

a. Super League (16 Clubs)
b. Premier League (24 Clubs)
c. Division One (24 Clubs)

At the end of the 2019/2020 season, the 13 surviving Premier League teams and the 3 Promoted Division 1 League teams will form the Super League (16 Clubs). Then the top 8 teams from each Division One Zone will form the Premier League (24 clubs) and the surviving division one teams and promoted division two teams from the regional leagues will form the division one (24 teams). The women’s football league structure will remain the same.


To establish an autonomous league system, a League Management company (LMC) will be engaged to run the 3 national men’s leagues and women’s league which will be autonomous from the GFA. They will have a 5year mandate renewable. The right company will be selected after inviting bids from entities with interest. The LMC will be responsible for finding the financial means to run the league. They will also be responsible for selling sponsorship rights. The GFA will however have oversight responsibility over the LMC. The LMC will take charge from season 2020/2021.

The LMC will buy the League Management rights from the GFA at fees agreed upon by the parties. They will be responsible for contracting and paying match officials as well as all other professionals needed for the leagues.


The GFA will establish an Independent Football Tribunal to adjudicate on legal cases. The IFT will have the powers of a High Court and all their decisions will be binding. All football related cases shall be brought before the IFT. Appeals on decisions delivered by the IFT shall be submitted before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).


The GFA in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Education will establish 10 regional academies using 10 SHS as bases. Players will be selected at regional JHS football competition and the best selected 30 players will be admitted at the base school on GFA/Government Scholarships.


It must be noted that, during the period of 6 months where the IMB and IMC will be executing the roadmap, it is important for the Government to help ease the financial burdens on the clubs.
It would be prudent for the government to support the clubs with the following amounts;

1. Premier League Clubs - $30,000 each = 16 x 30,000 = USD480,000.00
2. Division One Clubs - $10,000 each = 48 x 10,000 = USD480,000.00
3. Women’s League First Team - $5000 each = 16 x 5000 = USD80,000.00


1. Football Authorities to form a 6-member Ad-Hoc Committee comprising of 3 members each from the existing EXCO and GHALCA.

2. Members to examine proposal and report to the Football Fraternity. Final Proposal to be agreed upon.

3. Members to consult eminent football personalities in the persons of Togbe Afede XIV, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, Nana Agyemang Badu and Dr. Kwame Kyei to present the proposal on their behalf to Government.