Crack Spanish scouts begin 4-day search for talents in Ghana

BY: Kweku Zurek
Crack Spanish scouts begin 4-day search for talents in Ghana
Crack Spanish scouts begin 4-day search for talents in Ghana

A team of experienced scouts from the F5 Sports Arena, a Spain-based agency have commenced a four-day search for talented Ghanaian footballers who will be offered the opportunity to join European clubs.

The search which is in partnership with Okay Sports Ghana Limited is targeted at players aged between 15 and 25 years.

Veteran Brazilian football scout Mr Cesar Gomes Borba and his Spanish counterpart Mr Eduardo Lores Sagrario who arrived in the country last Friday are spearheading the search for the players.

In an interview shortly after disembarking at the Kotoka International Airport, Mr Borba said he would be looking out for talented players with the technical abilities to succeed in Europe.

He said: "We come here because of what Ghanaians players have achieved in Europe. We know there is a lot more talent here who just need a little push to make it and Europe and we are very hopeful of finding them".

A representative of the Okay Sports Ghana Limited, Mr Daniel Okata who welcomed the scouts to the country said it was time for Ghanaian footballers to showcase their talents and realise their dreams of becoming world-class footballers.

The scouts began their duties on Saturday morning at the Madina Sports Complex and will spend the next three days trawling community football pitches in the capital.

A member of Okay Sports, coach Eric Antwi Ofori disclosed that selected players will be connected directly with clubs in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Brazil.

"We want to give them a variety, we want them to feel the Ghanaian talents. It is not supposed to be one-sided we want everyone to have an equal opportunity because the scouts are experienced and know what they want".