Robeisy Ramirez defeats Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe. Scores were 117-110, 118-109 and 119-108.
Robeisy Ramirez defeats Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe. Scores were 117-110, 118-109 and 119-108.

Boxing Results: Robeisy Ramirez defeats Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe

Isaac Dogboe was not successful on Saturday night when he fought Robisey Ramirez in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) championship belt.

The Olympic Gold Medalist, IBF USBA and WBO Global Featherweight champion and No. 2 ranked Robeisy Ramirez defeated former WBO Super Bantamweight champion and No. 1 ranked Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe for the vacant WBO Featherweight title.

In the Main Event 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, IBF USBA and WBO Global Feather champ southpaw Robeisy Ramirez, 12-1 (7), #125.6, of Cuba and Gulfport, FL, defeated former WBO Super Bantam champ Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe, 24-3 (15), #124.6, of Accra, GH and Temple Hills, MD, 12 rounds for the vacant WBO World Feather title.

In the first round Ramirez used left uppercuts to the body of Dogboe who fought on spurts, reports Boxingnews24.

In the second round midway point Ramirez landed a 4-punch combination having Dogboe hurt and grabbing him into a clinch.

He managed to fight back in the final minute.

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In the third round Ramirez out landed Dogboe until the final seconds when Dogboe landed the final punches.

In the fourth round Dogboe started fast landing rights while Ramirez in the second half of the round used his left uppercuts.

In the fifth round Dogboe pressed Ramirez who countered well in a close round. In the sixth round Dogboe again starts off fast before Ramirez takes over.

In the seventh round Dogboe did well enough to take the round out landing Ramirez. In the eighth round Dogbe throws more but lands less. In the ninth round Ramirez had his best round landing with accuracy countering Dogboe almost at will.

In the tenth round Ramirez positions himself to outland Dogboe who is trying but not with accuracy of Ramirez.

In the eleventh round Dogboe had a better round having a slight edge.

In the twelfth and final round early a left glancing uppercut from Ramirez on the chin of Dogboe and down he went of an 8-count from Referee Gary Ritter.

He tried to erase it but couldn’t as Ramirez showed all the skills of a champion to the bell.

Scores were 117-110, 118-109 and 119-108.

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