Tsatsu files motion to cross-examine more petition witnesses

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

The court had directed that testimony shall be by affidavit in order to facilitate the trial.

By that mode of trial, witnesses had, in writing addressed all questions that they would ordinarily have answered had they been dragged to the witness box.

Key witnesses, however, had been given a special dispensation to appear in person to testify, which was why Dr. Mahamdu Bawumia, the star witness of the petitioners is in the witness box.

Aside that order, the court said whenever the necessary application was made to have witnesses who had sworn affidavits to appear in person, it would consider that.

It is in the light of this that Mr Tsikata is bringing the motion to cross-examine some of the witnesses for the petitioners who have sworn affidavits.

After listening to the various arguments, the court would deliver a ruling before continuing with the substantive matter.

Meanwhile, the court Monday adjourned the cross-examination of Dr. Bawumia to enable the parties to sort out among themselves pink sheets with duplicated serial numbers.

That exercise would pave the way for Mr Tsikata to continue with his cross-examination.

Mr Tsikata, who was cross-examining the witness had to truncate  the exercise on the court’s resumption from lunch when it became apparent that he could not continue without the sorting out process, which would enable the parties to put the pink sheets in lots.

Counsel told the court that he had prepared a list of the pink sheets but the lead counsel for the petitioners, Mr Phillip Addison indicated that they were not ready to go through the list with them.

When Mr Justice Atuguba told counsel that he could proceed with the cross examination if there were some other aspects, he said he had tried to file on the other side a list to go through with them but  they had to stop because of time constraints.

Following that, the court adjourned the matter and asked the parties to use the rest of the day to sort out the pink sheets.

Earlier in his cross-examination of Dr Bawumia, counsel whose questions related to duplicated serial numbers confronted the  witness with lots of those sheets and said there were no instances that pink sheets were duplicated as alleged by the witness.

When counsel suggested to the witness that serial numbers were not a necessary security feature of pink sheets, Dr. Bawumia disagreed with him and said that was unique.

When counsel said that the polling agents of the petitioners did not check serial numbers, witness replied that they all assumed the Electoral Commission (EC) would protect the integrity of the process.

Mr Tsikata told the witness that polling stations could be identified by their names, code numbers and presiding officers, but Dr. Bawumiah replied that the serial numbers were unique and that made one polling station different from another.

Story: Stephen Sah