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Speaker calls on MPs to sustain national unity

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

“Both the victor and the vanquished should be commended for offering themselves up for consideration to be elected to serve our country,” she stated.

Mrs Justice Bamford-Addo urged the MPs not to downplay the meeting as it tapered to the four-year constitutional mandate of the House, adding, “We should do well to be focused and ensure that all scheduled businesses are attended to with the needed dispatch.”

The House went on recess in November for the 20I2 general election.

It is expected to consider its unfinished business for the third meeting of the fourth session before adjourning again for the Christmas festivities on December 2I, 20I2.

At yesterday’s sitting, a report of the Joint Committee on Finance and Local Government and Rural Development on a loan agreement between the Government of  Ghana and Unicredit Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany for 25,500,000 euros was laid before the House.

The amount is to finance the acquisition of equipment and machinery for all metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) as part of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development’s sectorial development plan.

According to the  report, the equipment and machinery would be used by the MMDAs to undertake rehabilitation and maintenance of feeder and trunk roads to enhance socio-economic activities in the country.

It  also stated that the credit facility would provide the ministry with the impetus to assist in achieving sustainable, equitable economic growth, as well as poverty alleviation through citizen participation and accelerated service delivery at the local level within a decentralised environment.

The main purpose of the credit facility is, therefore, to facilitate the acquisition of equipment and machinery at affordable rates for the benefit of all MMDAs as part of the development plan of the ministry.

Story by Abdul Aziz