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Schools benefit from art programme

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Under the programme  called ArtReach, students are exposed to the  Centre’s impressive permanent collection  and also provided with an opportunity to obtain information regarding options for further study as well as career options in the field of art.

Though most students are aware that artists are professionals just like doctors, engineers and lawyers, many of them are  uninformed about the full range of  options in the field of art and the availability of these options in Greater Accra and elsewhere. 

Students also have limited information on tertiary level programmes of studies and subsequent career paths in art that include being a painter, sculptor, curator, teacher, gallery owner, art administrator or conservator.

“That’s why the Dei Centre which  is a partnership between the Seth and Carleene Dei Foundation and  New York University’s Africa House, has developed programmes to provide students with some of the knowledge required to make sound decisions vis-à-vis the available choices.” states Carleene Dei, director of the ArtReach programme.

  The Dei Centre has appealed for sponsors to help cover the costs  of making  ArtReach  available to  students and Fan Milk Ghana Limited has responded with a donation of Ghc3,3000  to facilitate the  programme at Labone Senior High School.

According to the ArtReach director, Aburi Girls Senior High, Accra High,  Presbyterian Boys Senior High (Legon) and Morning Star  are among the schools that have requested for  ArtReach to be made  available to incoming juniors and seniors.

According to her, several staff members from the College of Arts at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), have proposed partnering the Dei Centre  as resource persons for ArtReach.

The Dei Centre’s collection consists of over 300 contemporary paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art including a collection of over 70 rare Asafo flags, Akan gold weights and trade beads.