NPP MP aspirant pledges transformation for Twifo-Atti Morkwa constituency
NPP MP aspirant pledges transformation for Twifo-Atti Morkwa constituency

NPP MP aspirant pledges transformation for Twifo-Atti Morkwa constituency

In a bid to bring about significant development and positive change, Nana Kwame Ofori-Nti (Chief Ofori-Nti), a Member of Parliament (MP) hopeful representing the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has made ambitious promises to the people of Twifo-Atti Morkwa constituency.

Chief Ofori-Nti, a business and IT consultant has outlined his topmost priority as the development of the constituency. He is determined to make this vision feasible if given the opportunity to represent the people in the forthcoming primaries in 2024.

The aspiring MP expressed his belief that the Twifo-Atti Morkwa constituency has not seen enough progress in recent times, but he is confident that he possesses the qualities and capabilities to change this narrative with the mandate of the people.

Driven by his passion for the welfare of the youth, women, and children, Chief Ofori-Nti has laid out a comprehensive social intervention plan. This plan includes the creation of a welfare fund to address the needs of his delegates and the broader community.

"The welfare of my delegates is my number one priority. I will do everything in my power to ensure their full security and unwavering support for the party," he said after submitting his forms at the NPP Party office, Twifo Praso on Tuesday. 

"I have a welfare policy designed to cater to their farming, educational, health, and other essential needs. This package will be structured in a way that remains accessible even in my absence."

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Chief Ofori-Nti demonstrated his commitment to his constituents by personally engaging with them during the previous Christmas season. He spent time with each delegate and presented them with items as a gesture of appreciation. He plans to continue this annual tradition to underscore his dedication to their well-being and the overall success of the party.

Engaging all 182 communities within his constituency, Chief Ofori-Nti acknowledged their collective cry for development. He stated that the area had been lagging behind and believes it is time to address this pressing issue. The deplorable state of the road network and the people's undeniable dedication to the party have motivated him to step forward and ensure the constituents experience tangible progress.

The aspirant's plans have also garnered support from the youth, women, and children, who are looking for a representative ready to listen to their concerns and be accessible. Chief Ofori-Nti is confident that he possesses these qualities and is determined to be a true advocate for their needs.

The NPP Parliamentary primary elections are scheduled to take place between September and December 2, 2023.

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