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NPP "March for Justice" underway in Kumasi

BY: Abigail Bonsu

 Most of them were in party T-Shirts and danced to music provided by brass bands and vehicles mounted with giant speakers.

 Scores of police personnel and soldiers were providing security for the demonstrators.

 The party said the “March for Justice,” is to register their displeasure at what they described as discrimination against the Ashanti Region in the December 7 elections.

The two groups of demonstrators that gathered at the two locations are moving through various streets and later convene at the main post office at Adum before marching to the Abbey’s Park at Ashanti New Town where the flag bearer in the December 7 elections, Nana Akufo-Addo and other party leaders would address them.

 The regional chairman of the party, Mr F.F. Anto, told graphic.com.gh that the march would be peaceful because the party does not believe in violence in any form.

 He alleged that the EC treated the region “very badly” especially when it allowed people in some regions to cast their votes without going through verification whereas the situation was the opposite in Ashanti.

 He indicated that many people in the region were unable to vote even though their names were on the voters register and questioned the motive of the EC for that action.

 Mr Anto accused the EC boss, Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan who was the officer responsible for the Ashanti Region of leading the crusade to discriminate against the  region.

Story by Kwame Asare Boadu