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Nkrumaists must not live in self deception - Ward-Brew

BY: Samuel K. Obour

Mr TN Ward_Brew, DPP FounderThe Founder and Chairman of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP), Mr T.N. Ward-Brew, has cautioned members of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) and all Nkrumaist parties against living in self-deception after their victory in the Kumbungu by- election.

He said the political situation in the country, especially the election petition before the Supreme Court, had given cause for the CPP to take advantage to win the Kumbungu by-election.

 In Mr Ward-Brew’s view, the DPP would not take advantage of the current political situation, where parties such as NPP were boycotting elections, to contest since the results would be misleading.

“We want to wait for the judges at the Supreme Court to come out with their final decision on the election since it could also affect the parliamentary election so as to give each and every one a clean sheet  to contest election,’’ Mr Ward-Brew stressed.

“So when there are reforms  born out of the Supreme Court verdict and functional guidelines to govern the conduct of  elections  and  under the watchful eyes of  everybody, then we can contest elections without any fear that they could be nullified.

 Sharing his perspective on the ongoing election petition at the Supreme Court, Mr Ward- Brew said the petition was a bold step that brought alive the vision of the framers of the Constitution.

He said the framers made provision for this  legal right to be exercised even though they did not know how it would look like.

He said presently, the country was facing a scenario where a sitting President and his appointees’ fate was hanging in the balance. 

He added that this had brought a certain atmosphere of uncertainty and until the Supreme  Court came with a final decision, it would make planning difficult.

He explained that there were certain important constitutional issues potentially unresolved and there is so much work  that ought to be addressed.

He mentioned the vacuum that would be created should the Supreme Court nullify the results and extend it to the parliamentary elections as one of the unresolved issues.  

Mr Ward-Brew said the Supreme Court could not look on unconcerned and fail to act to  stabilise the democracy of this country since after every elections, the country seemed to be shaken and that all was not well with the democratic dispensation of the country.

Story: Abdul Aziz