Only NDC-sponsored trolls teased me after Newsfile Green Book debate - Pius

BY: Kweku Zurek
The Deputy Minister of Information, Mr Pius Enam Hadzide
The Deputy Minister of Information, Mr Pius Enam Hadzide

The Deputy Minister of Information, Mr Pius Enam Hadzide has accused the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of sponsoring a network of professional trolls to make fun of him on social media after he appeared on a popular political talk show at the weekend.

According to him, he acquitted himself well when he came up against Mr Felix Kwakye Ofosu on Joy FM's Newsfile but the NDC's "internet mercenaries" sought to create the perception that he was overwhelmed.

The name 'Pius' was among the top trends on Twitter during and after the show last Saturday with several memes teasing the Minister because in their view he lost the debate.

However, Mr Hadzide says he is not worried because that was not the true interpretation of what transpired on the show.

"I am not worried because today some political parties across the globe are operating what we call the troll farms. Recently, the CNN came, they did a documentary in Ghana and located some troll farms," Mr Hadzide said when he appeared on Metro TV's Good Evening Ghana on Tuesday.

According to him, he was not overwhelmed by Kwakye Ofosu who he had debated on several platforms.

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Green Book debate

The Minister reiterated that he did not appear on Newsfile to audit the NDC's Green Book but he was invited to point out the achievements of the NPP in improving infrastructure in the country.

He said he wanted to pre-empt the NDC's assessment of the NPP's 2016 manifesto promises by explaining how the party had achieved 78% of its manifesto promises.

He said such debates which he had engaged in the past usually ended in pointless banter.

"...That is what we were actually doing until Samson (the host) invited us to discuss the Green Book of the NDC and invited me to identify some of the phantom projects. I thought that it was rather simplistic and was pointless".