Let’s maintain cohesion of nation - Manly-Spain

BY: Daily Graphic

An aspirant to the Greater Accra Regional Chairman slot of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Henry Ekow Manly-Spain, has appealed to political players, trades unions, civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to work together to maintain the cohesion of the country so as to make Ghana a better place for all.

In the view of Mr Manly-Spain, the time has come for the various stakeholders to put forward proposals and activities that will propel the nation to a greater height and desist from politicising every national agenda for parochial political interest.

He stated this to the media in Kumasi on Saturday when he commented on the President’s speech whose recording is alleged to have been doctored.

He said that Ghana needed all hands to resolve challenges that confronted the nation currently.

 “We should refrain from politicising national programmes just for political expediency and work in consensus for a better Ghana.

“Let’s all maintain the cohesion of the country and refrain from playing tribal politics in order to make Ghana a better place for all,” he advised.

According to Mr Manly-Spain, there is strength in unity towards achieving set objectives.

Additionally, he said the cohesion of the country would be ensured if politicians desisted from politicising national issues and adopted consensus rather than engaging in tribal politics.

He said economic fundamentals remained bright and the only way to move the nation forward was for us to work harder than before.