Krowor Assembly rids municipality of filth

BY: Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori
Mrs Elizabeth Afoley Quaye and some members of the community cleaning up the Nungua community. Picture: Innocent Owusu
Mrs Elizabeth Afoley Quaye and some members of the community cleaning up the Nungua community. Picture: Innocent Owusu

The Krowor Municipal Assembly has embarked on a clean-up exercise to rid the municipality of filth as part of preparations towards this year’s Homowo Festival.

Led by the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Krowor Constituency, Mrs Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, the exercise took place at the Nungua Senior High School, Maami, Nungua Bus stop and the Nungua Town Park.

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The team cleared choked gutters and bushes and swept the area to keep the entire place clean.

Krowor cleanest municipality

After the exercise, Mrs Quaye said she would ensure that the Krowor Municipality would become the cleanest in Accra.

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“We will put waste bins in the various communities to enable people to dispose of waste when they are outside their home, and by doing that people will see and call Krowor as the cleanest municipality in Accra,” she said.

She acknowledged that Homowo was near and it was imperative that the whole place was clean, hence the exercise.

She urged the people of Nungua to have a sense of cleanliness by cleaning their environment constantly and not wait till there was a clean-up exercise before they did so.

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“We are in the rainy season. When it rains, the drains get choked and there are floods everywhere. We are urging you all to clean all the time. We should also stop disposing of refuse in gutters because they will prevent the rain water from flowing to the right places. We should also beware of cholera and remember that to avoid these kinds of diseases, we should ensure proper sanitation practices,” Mrs Quaye added.


For his part, the Nungua Oblantai Mantse, Nii Okplen Jalesane II, said people saw sweeping and weeding as a form of punishment because when one committed an offence, at school, he or she was made to weed or sweep and because of that people were not encouraged to embark on voluntary clean-up exercises.

He said the people of Nungua would support Mrs Quaye to ensure that the Krowor Municipality would be the cleanest in Accra.