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Growing trend in Ghana’s democracy worrying - Oppong Fosu

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

He said, “they see themselves as royals who should always rule their subjects and they always make sure that they usurp the rights of their subjects.”

Mr Fosu said it was that entitlement mentality which was causing the problem that the country had on its hands currently.

The MP-elect said it was crystal clear that the National Democratic Congress won the 2012 elections but because such people saw themselves as royals and they did not win, they were complaining.

Mr Fosu said the posturing of such people was a threat to the peace and stability of the country and unless it was addressed, the nation would always have problems.

He said the election result, as declared by a tried and tested institutions like the Electoral Commission (EC) and collaborated by other credible institutions like the Coalition of Domestic Observers (CODEO), should not have brought about a dispute.

Mr Fosu said it was an NDC victory they would always complain about but when they win they keep quite.

He said what baffled him was the fact that in spite of their hard work that culminated in victory, the victors were not able to express their happiness.

Mr Fosu said negative attitude went down to the community level as well.

He said such mentality manifested during the campaign in his constituency and he had to go the extra mile to beat the incumbent.

Mr Fosu thanked his constituents for the confidence reposed in him and promised to work for them.